We are data protection experts. At Tectrade we protect, manage, store, secure and recover, petabytes of data for organizations around the world. Dealing in storage and complex infrastructure is what we do.

There’s no challenge we can’t help with – we live and breathe data protection and recovery.

Data is vital for any organization. We think of it as the DNA of your business. Our sole mission is to help organizations lower the cost and complexity of protecting and managing their data.

We believe that our clients need a skilled and informed partner who can deliver innovative solutions to solve their data challenges. We are that partner. With decades of experience and a relish for tackling new problems, we are confident we can deliver the almost – impossible. However great your data challenge, we will never walk away. It’s simply not in our character.

With international operations, and 50+ technical specialists, we have helped hundreds of clients gain control of their data. 66% of our business is technical.

Proven track record
systems protected
backups monthly
of data protected
systems protected
backups monthly
of data protected

Our clients

our clients, University of Dundee, Natural History Museum, Debenhams, Admiral, and more

What our clients say

  • “I'm now very happy with our Backup Solution in all aspects of Performance, Capacity and Reliability (so far) and would like to make my thanks known to all Tectrade and IBM Personnel who've been involved. One of the biggest non-Technical improvements is in the ability to delegate out the ongoing Operation to keep it running smoothly.” Chris Scott - Senior Infrastructure Specialist, University of Dundee

  • “With Tectrade Helix Protect, we now spend less than 20 minutes a day on backups – an improvement of more than 90 per cent. Restoring data is also less complex because it is provided as part of the service rather than using my own team’s resources.” Sandra Fairweather - Head of Infrastructure, Expro

  • “The RFU now have a robust, scalable and integrated Enterprise Flex System platform that has a roadmap for the next 10 years, and we now have the ability to drive maximum value from the analytics's software to enable wider awareness of the RFU and our projects.” Mike Morris - IT Operations Manager, RFU

Our leadership team

  • Alex Fagioli Alex Fagioli

    Alex Fagioli

    Chief Executive Officer
    email alex.fagioli@tectrade.com

    Alex joined Tectrade in 1999 as a technical consultant with 15 years of industry experience, and has since moved through Tectrade working in all departments. Alex is responsible not only for re-engineering our pre sales methodology, but also our robust consultative process, becoming technical director in 2003.

    Alex was the creator of our managed services platform, Helix Protect. His experience and understanding of customer needs has also helped him provide bespoke data protection solutions for our customers that keeps their essential data safe and secure. He became CE0 in 2012 and with a philosophy based on commitment and team work, is leading the company forward to further future success.

  • Paul Cameron Paul Cameron

    Paul Cameron

    Sales Director
    email paul.cameron@tectrade.com

    With over 26 years in the IT industry, Paul has a wealth of experience collected from his time in sales within IBM and also with Tectrade, where he joined in 2012. With years of experience under his belt within IBM’s hardware divisions, half of this being spent with the storage brand, Paul is equipped to understand the issues our customers face with increasing data volumes and decreasing IT budgets.

    Armed with his technical and sales expertise, Paul likes to dive beneath the buzzwords and jargon and solve real business issues with practical advice.

  • Ryan Cardy Ryan Cardy

    Ryan Cardy

    Services Manager
    email ryan.cardy@tectrade.com

    With a total of nine years in sales positions and seven years in project management, alongside his fifteen years of tech industry experience, Ryan has a wide perspective that helps him deliver the best possible service to our clients.

    Ryan manages our entire technical department, and is responsible for delivering our Managed Services solutions. He is constantly driving continuous improvements in our service experience whilst ensuring our levels of service never drop.

  • Nicola Austin Nicola Austin

    Nicola Austin

    HR Manager
    email nicola.austin@tectrade.com

    Nicola joined Tectrade as a Project manager in 2012, where her eye for detail, her great understanding of the Tectrade philosophy and her skills with people saw her take on the title of HR Manager.

    As HR Manager, Nicola has ensured that Tectrade is the best place to work. Under her guidance, robust training programmes, induction processes and a range of benefits have seen Tectrade be recognised in The Times Top 100 best businesses to work for in 2016.

  • Ayaila Mir Ayaila Mir

    Ayaila Mir

    Senior VP of US Sales
    email ayaila.mir@tectrade.com

    Ayaila heads up the US arm of Tectrade, boasting over a decade of experience in tech industry sales and managed services.

    As former sales and marketing manager at Tectrade UK, Ayaila brings a wealth of experience to the US, working with customers to ensure that our solutions meet their requirements and expectations. She believes the key to success is building long lasting relationships that go beyond the first transaction.

    Ayaila, now manages the US office, and is working with her team to grow our business in the US.

  • Ken Hogan Ken Hogan

    Ken Hogan

    email ken.hogan@tectrade.com

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